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Caroline Fenouil

Make Up Artist

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Caroline Fenouil is a creative in the field, infusing fashion with surprising influences — born from her eclectic passions, from horror movies to paintings, music and travels — and new ideas. She has gained notoriety for her imaginative and bold vision of feminine beauty, combining spontaneous style, innovative colors and new patterns. She has contributed to fashion campaign for brands such as AMI Paris and continues to develop her independent projects on her own.


Altered states, Buffalo Zine, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed, Dust, Double Magazine, Exhibition Magazine, M Le Monde, Purple Magazine, Vogue France, Vogue Italia, Sixteen journal, SSAW, T Mag


AMI Paris, Clarins, Lancome, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Courreges, Re/Done, Bluemarble, Kenzo, Uniqlo, Saint Laurent


Jack Day, Tom Johnson, Jody Rogac, Laura Jane Coulson, Gregory Harris, Kito Muñoz, Michael Bailey Gates, Xiangyu Liu

Harper's Bazaar Italia

Darren Gwynn
Harper’s Bazaar Italia - © Artlist
Harper’s Bazaar Italia - © Artlist
Harper’s Bazaar Italia - © Artlist